About Escape Villa

Escape villa is a luxurious residential villa located in Mechref, in the heart of nature, 15 mins away from Beirut International Airport. A secure community nestled between the mountains and the sea. Best for those looking for peace of mind, meditation & tranquility. The villa features five floors, each having its own identity, a total of seven rooms (two apartments, four suites and a penthouse) with a classy interior distinguished with its common luxurious lobby, dining room, fitness area & a swimming pool, where guests can spend their time away from their rooms, welcoming their guests in an elegant setting, the construction of the villa has a unique architectural combining the traditional and the modern look, it is very spacious yet full of romantic and intimate touches. It is customized to be “Your Home Away from Home”.
Additionally, Escape Villa offers a venue for any type of celebration in a totally private and tranquil setting, including business events, birthday parties, get-togethers, anniversaries, bachelor parties, weddings, and any other special occasions.